About SG Tyson

These pages show the carved stonework of SG Tyson. All the work was produced in his workshop in Yorkshire, England, between 1999 and the present.


Mainly local stone is used, such as Woodkirk sandstone, from a quarry to the south of Leeds, Tadcaster limestone, from a quarry near that town and a variety of other sandstones from the area. There are also a few pieces of Portland and Bath stone, and some from further afield.

All the work is hand-carved using traditional tools and techniques – mallets and dummies, firesharp and tungsten edged chisels, squares and compasses – drawings and templets and life samples.

There is a tradition of stonemasonry in the family, his father and grandfather both having been masons.

Influences include the sculpture of Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, India, as well as Renaissance masters such Michelangelo and Bernini, and the Neo-Classical genius of Nollekens and Canova.

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